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Decorative Column Capitals

Angular Greek Ionic Decorative Capital

Angular Greek

Angular Greek Ionic with Necking Decorative Capital
Angular Greek
Ionic w/Necking

Empire Decorative Capital


Empire with Necking Decorative Capital
Empire w/Necking

All sizes All sizes All sizes All sizes

Greek Erectheum Decorative Capital

Greek Erectheum

Modern Composite Decorative Capital
Modern Composite

Roman Corinthian Decorative Capital
Roman Corinthian

Roman Ionic Decorative Capital

Roman Ionic

All sizes All sizes All sizes All sizes

Greek Erectheum with Necking Decorative Capital

Greek Erectheum

Scamozzi Decorative Capital


Temple of Winds Decorative Capital
Temple of Winds

Decorative Roman Ionic Decorative Capital
Roman Doric

All sizes All sizes All sizes All sizes

All of the ornamental capitals pictured above are for our round columns; however, we offer the same cap designs for our square columns. These decorative capitals are available in fiberglass, FRP, GFRC, and polyurethane. The caps depicted above are for our fiberglass material and styles and availability for our other materials will vary.  All of our fiberglass shafts, capitals, and bases are insect and decay resistant and carry a limited lifetime warranty.  These capitals are loadbearing.