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Half, Split, Column Wraps, Surrounds or Covers

All of our Columns are available as halves or can be split by us or you in any way imaginable (some suggestions at the bottom of this page). So click below on the material of interest (Left menu) or click below to browse by style (Right menu).  We also offer pole wraps (click on the image to the right). Read more from this page if you need more help on which material will suit you best. Or call us for a quick run through: Tell us what you need done and we will tell you the best option as far ease of installation, budget, maintenance, etc.  877-279-9993 Toll Free. 

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lally column wood wrap

Column Covers also called surrounds or wraps are usually a whole shaft split in half for reassembly around a structural support.  Similarly, they can be split in half for use as Pilasters. FRP, Urethane, and PVC columns already come as halves and can be factory assembled as wholes. GFRC, due to the weight, comes in many segmented pieces to be assembled on site. Those that are manufactured as one whole, Fiberglass, Polymer Stone, and Wood, can be split and used to surround lally columns, wood posts, etc. or be used as Pilasters or as corners both inside and out. Most of our architectural pillars are load-bearing so structural supports are only required where uplift protection is necessary. Consult an engineer or call us for more info. Our products can also be installed concurrently with structural members to avoid seams associated with splitting.

Our Fiber Reinforced Polymer line (pictured below) comes standard as two halves with lap joints that can be "reassembled" into a whole around structural supports. FRP can be made without the lap joint to be used as pilasters or we can factory assemble the two halves to form a whole. FRP is one of our thinnest materials but the fiberglass reinforcements make the product stronger than steel. We can make the product thicker upon request. Click Here to see available styles and sizes.

FRP Unassembled Column Wrap with Lap Joint

Our Polyurethane line (pictured below) is also very accomodating because the shafts are actually manufactured in 2 halves and then assembled into full columns so if a customer needs them split, we simply do not assemble the 2 halves: Each half comes with an interlocking edge which allows for easy reassembly around any support. The Cap and Base are then split using regular wood working tools and assembled around the shaft. Since our Polyurethane comes primed with 2 layers of high quality primer, after some touch-ups to the seam, the decorative column is ready for final paint finish.

Polyurethane Unassembled Column

The Column wrap pictured below is Cellular PVC. As mentioned previously, surrounds are available in all of our column materials but CPVC comes as two corner halves for easy installation around existing supports. We can split all of our columns into many different plan types and not just 2 halves. Click Here to see available cellular PVC styles and sizes or learn more about the other materials that we offer: Here

Column Surround

The Pilaster pictured below is from our Polymer Stone line. Click on the following link to be redirected to our Column page: Columns

Half Column

Our Pillars can be provided in all of the Plan Types pictured below and many more. Click the following link to be redirected to the fiberglass columns page: Fiberglass Columns

Available split plan types