Balusters and Railing


High Density Polyurethane Balusters and Railings

High Density Polyurethane Balusters and Railings


Look and Feel of wood but no rotting, cracking, splitting Up to 12′ spans 36″ and 42″ system heights Structural, durable, int/ext use 4-1/4″ Polyurethane system at $89 per L.F.


Series 500 & 550 Non-Welded Aluminum Pipe Railing

Series 500 & 550 Non-Welded Aluminum Pipe Railing


Aluminum Series 500 Non-welded Aluminum Pipe Railing and Series 550 Non-welded Aluminum Pipe Picket Railing are designed to utilize all the advantages of aluminum including strength, resilience, and maintenance-free properties. Pipe railing presents a non-welded design with concealed fasteners to create the most unique, efficient look on the market today.

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Series 2000 Aluminum Cable Railing

Series 2000 Aluminum Cable Railing


Aluminum Series 2000 Cable Railing is the perfect system for a project with a view. The cable design allows for the fantastic view you desire without compromising the rigorous safety standards held by  Aluminum. Cable railing manages to do both of these perfectly without sacrificing any architectural splendor.

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Series 9100 Architectural Aluminum Railing

Series 9100 Architectural Aluminum Railing


Series 9100 Architectural Aluminum Railing offers the form and function of a traditional railing system but utilizes a continuous top rail system to make it unique. The continuous top rail creates a smooth feel and eliminates those irritating bumps and step ups caused by end posts on a traditional system.

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Vinyl/PVC Balusters and Railings

Vinyl/PVC Balusters and Railings

50 year warranty 6′, 8′, 10′, & 12′ spans 36″ and 42″ system heights Structural, durable, int/ext use. 


Series 600 Residential Aluminum Railing

Series 600 Residential Aluminum Railing


Aluminum Series 600 Residential Railings present a softer look for residential projects while still maintaining the high standards set by the commercial lines. 600 railing offers vast customization options to accentuate the traditional design of the residential line.

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Series 9000 Aluminum Railing

Series 9000 Aluminum Railing


Series 9000 Heavy Duty Aluminum Assembled Picket Railing showcases innovative and attractive design for your project. Series 9000 rail utilizes classic designs but with two key modern twists. All exposed picket screws are covered to create an unsoiled look to your railing. Meanwhile, our advanced pocket posts eliminate the need for unsightly brackets in level applications.

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We offer spindles and railings in several materials. We are running a special promotion on our 4-1/4″ polyurethane balustrades, which look and feel like wood but will not rot, crack, or split, for a special price of $89 per lineal foot. This system is better than vinyl and other materials yet we price it lower. Please call for more information and pricing.