Balustrade Sale

7″ Balustrade System: $135 per lineal foot delivered!! Unbeatable Price!

Balustrade for Sale
  • Structural and to code: 36-1/2″ height, 4″ spacing includes: posts/caps, rails, balusters, spacers, & hardware.*
  • Free delivery on orders over 100 lineal feet ($250 drop charge still applies)
  • Top Rail: 7″ Wide x 5-1/4″ Height
  • Bottom Rail: 7″ Wide x 5-1/4″ Height
  • Baluster: 5-1/4″ Wide x 22″ Height
  • Support Block: 4″ Height
  • Post: 7-1/2″ Wide x 40″ Height (8″ Raised Panel Post available at extra charge)

This is our promotional balustrade system! It is the same great product but at a significantly discounted price. The everyday price for this product is from $160-$220 per lineal foot: To buy a 7″ polyurethane balustrade with a 5-1/4″ baluster at $135 per lineal foot is unheard of. Our suggested lead-time is 1-2 weeks so please order with that in mind. We can quick ship (1-2 days) if you absolutely need the product quickly for a nominal fee. Before reading the next section, avoid any confusion, call us and we will formally quote your project for you (no surprises, no hidden costs, all spelled out). 877-279-9993 Toll free

Balustrade Sale

*For each 12 lineal feet of balustrade that you order, you are allowed to order 2 plain posts and stay at the $135 per lineal foot price. Each 8″ post counts as 1 lineal foot. For example, if you order 12′ of railing with balusters and 2 posts, you are paying 14′ x $135 = $1,890. If you need more posts than 2 per 12′ of rail span, please call for additional cost. Rails are available in 8′, 10′, and 12′ sections. Spindles will be provided to meet the 4″ sphere spacing requirements; for example, for a 12′ section, you will receive 21 balusters. As with all Polyurethane products, it is the customer’s responsibility to paint the entire system. Our installation instructions are very comprehensive: Installation Guide

The $135 per lineal foot is for straight flat sections at 36″ code. For 42″ code the cost is higher. For stairs, the cost will be based on the 42″ system height. For radius rails the cost is higher and the lead time is extended. If you want an exact cost, just call us 877-279-9993 and we will do the math and send you a formal quote.

INSTALLATION: Installing our Polyurethane Balustrades is easy. We provide detailed instructions if you want to install the product yourself: Click this link to download the PDF Installation Instructions. Polyurethane products can be installed using simple wood working tools. If you want us to install your balustrades, that is also an option. If you want us to send your sections preassembled or prefinished with high quality Exterior Benjamin Moore or Behr paint, we can also do that. Please call us for pricing.