Architectural Balustrade Systems

Polyurethane Balustrades

Our High Density Polyurethane (HDP) Balustrade systems are lightweight yet structural.  Urethane is essentially a high density foam product.  Foam baluster is actually a misnomer since the “foam” has a density similar to white pine, so it is sturdy like wood and feels like wood but will not rot, crack, or split.  HDP is a paint-grade product and is a low-maintenance product.     


Polymer Stone Balustrades

Our Polymer Stone composite railing products are manufactured using a combination of polymer resin, limestone dust, and pigment resulting in a man-made stone product that is fully permeated with the color of your choice.  Our Polymer Stone balustrades are finished with a light raised texture or smooth texture and are virtually maintenance free.  We also offer a structural coral finish. 


  • Finished Product
  • Structural and Decorative
  • Lighter than concrete and stone
  • Many Colors and Styles to choose from
Iron Baluster System Small
Vinyl Balusters Small
Urethane Baluster Small

CURVED BALUSTRADES: All of our composite rail systems, whether Polyurethane, Polymer Stone, or Fiberglass, are available with curved or radius rails. Our curved railings are the most versatile in the industry, especially our Synthetic Stone and RoyalCast lines: We can make curved balustrades up to 20′ without a seam and they can be twisted for curved stair applications, which most manufacturers shy away from. Even though curved exterior balustrades are more expensive than straight runs, our innovative process for bending makes them very affordable. View our Gallery to see some of our curved baluster projects. No matter how tight of a radius, we can make it happen!