Fiberglass (FRP) Cornice

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What is FRP?

Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer or simply FRP is manufactured as a lightweight alternative to stone or concrete. With a minimum wall thickness of 3/16” our FRP moldings are the strongest and most durable in the industry. Our strong yet lightweight fiberglass cornice reduces the need for extra structural reinforcement as with stone or GFRC which saves costs on engineering, the extra structural components, and the cost of installation. We manufacture this line with a marine-grade gel coat finish to your specified color or our stone-like finish. We can ship cornice to your jobsite already pre-finished reducing your price and carbon footprint considerably. Marine-grade white gel coat finish is our standard finish. Architectural Mall’s ability to reproduce simple to complex configurations allows the Architect or Designer the freedom to recreate historical shapes & finishes without sacrificing authenticity. Most of our projects are manufactured to the exact drawings/shapes as what the Architect or Designer draws but we offer standard profiles as well (pricing for custom is in line with standard). Feel free to design what is architecturally significant to the project and we will make it happen. If you have any questions, need product samples or color charts, or need assistance during the design phase, please feel free to contact us via email, by calling us at 877-279-9993 or by starting a live chat with a product expert below. Architects and Designers please visit our specs/cads section for more information.

How is FRP Made?

We are able to ship custom cornice pieces straight to your jobsite with low lead times. The very first step of the process is to get together with the client and find out what exactly is needed. Once we have determined the exact requirements and specifications, we get to work on the molds. Our in-house CNC capabilities allow us to make exact molds of massive size while still conserving the most minute of details. Once our molds have been programmed, cut, and inspected, we reinforce them with fiberglass and polish the surface to keep any imperfections from transferring to the final piece. Once the molds are done, we coat them with marine grade white gel coat, or whatever finish is required, and proceed to add layers of fiberglass chop and resin. We use high end fiberglass chopper systems to insure the consistency and strength of our FRP Cornice, as well as heated curing rooms to ensure everything comes out to our standards. After that, we remove the pieces from the molds, inspect them, clean and polish the surface, and send it along for install.

What are the benefits of FRP?

Our FRP Cornice is manufactured using 35-40% fiberglass content, allowing it to be pound for pound stronger than steel while still remaining lightweight and versatile. Our product comes in several standard styles, as showcased here, but is also fully customizable allowing us to achieve whatever your design or specifications call for. All of our cornice comes with a factory white marine-grade gel coat as standard, but are available in a variety of pre-finished colors and textures. We are able to provide a Class A rating if requested. Best of all, our FRP Cornice comes with a limited lifetime warranty!