Fiberglass Rotunda


fiberglass rotunda

Picture a unique fiberglass rotunda, unlike anything you’ve seen before. This rotunda was custom-made using a combination of Architectural Mall’s fiberglass dome, ceiling dome, cornice, and columns. An architect approached us with a vision to craft a one-of-a-kind rotunda for a client’s backyard oasis. Leveraging Architectural Mall’s top-notch fiberglass products, along with the necessary hardware, we put together a complete kit for easy installation. Now, that dream rotunda stands proudly, a testament to the seamless blend of creativity and quality offered.

 Architectural Mall takes pride in building numerous custom rotundas, including this one. Architects with unique designs can reach out to Architectural Mall, and together we’ll design and build a one-of-a-kind rotunda. We are excited to help customers to bring their design idea to life. 

fiberglass rotunda

Download Fiberglass Rotunda CAD drawing and PDF.  Registration not required.

Download PDF Document-48x48
Download CAD File

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