GFRC Columns

GFRC Columns

Architectural Mall has a large line of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Columns for any application. Our GFRC columns are available with custom finishes and color matching, or you can choose one of our many standard color and texture variations. We offer every style imaginably, including Tuscan, Roman Doric, Ionic, Roman Corinthian, Plain, Fluted, Round or Square, and thanks to our in-house tooling abilities, we are able to create any custom design for a project at a low cost. Our work has been on everything from historical restorations to movie sets, and our passion shows in our quality. If your project calls for a durable product that keeps the stonework look, our GFRC columns are perfect. They come precast in halved-sections that are ready to be installed and keep the authentic lines of natural stone columns. Due to the column cover design of these columns, they will have vertical and horizontal lines after installation and will not be load bearing. If you are looking for smooth columns or columns for load-bearing applications, and still want to maintain the stone-like look and feel, you may be better served exploring our Fiberglass or Synthetic Stone Column offerings. No matter which line you pick, you cannot go wrong with our American-Made columns, and we fully back that up with our Lifetime Warranty.

If you need any other elements to match your GFRC Columns, Architectural Mall provides any exterior element you can envision. In addition to columns, we provide balustrades, door and window surrounds, exterior facade elements, we even offer interior/exterior fireplace surrounds. We have many standard designs as well as the ability to make fairly inexpensive custom ones. If you need help with any of our products please feel free to call us at 877-279-9993, or Email Us at


Our GFRC architectural pillars are available in every style and size as our polymer stone line. Please visit our polymer stone section to see the available styles and sizes of our synthetic stone and reinforced concrete lines.

GFRC Segmented Columns

GFRC Columns

GFRC Balustrades

GFRC Balustrades

GFRC Window Surrounds

GFRC Door/Window Surrounds

GFRC Facade Elements

GFRC Facade Elements

GFRC Custom Ornaments

GFRC Decorative Ornaments

GFRC Fireplace Mantels

GFRC Fireplace Mantels