Concrete (GFRC) Cornice

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What is GFRC?

GFRC stands for Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, and is manufactured to simulate natural stone while reducing weight and cost. Our GFRC Product comes prefinished in an assortment of colors (virtually any color you want) that permeate throughout the product. We are also able to provide a variety of finishes that simulate natural stone textures. Thanks to our state of the art CNC Machines, we are able to make custom profiles to match any specification we are provided. This allows us to make molds in-house, significantly reducing costs and lead-times. Our product is generally 3/4″ to 3″ thick depending on specifications, and is naturally fire resistant as it is concrete based. If you have any questions, need actual product samples or color charts, or need assistance during the design phase, please feel free to contact us via email, by calling us at 877-279-9993 or by starting a live chat with a product expert below.

How is GFRC made?

We are able to ship custom cornice pieces straight to your jobsite with low lead times. The very first step of the process is to get together with the client and find out what exactly is needed. Once we have determined the exact requirements and specifications, we get to work on the molds. Our in-house CNC capabilities allow us to make exact molds of massive size while still conserving the most minute of details. Once our molds have been programmed, cut, and inspected, we reinforce them with fiberglass and polish the surface to keep any imperfections from transferring to the final piece. Next, we spray a first coat of facing mix about 1/8″ thick without any fibers in it to help create a perfect finish on the outside. We then brush and roll the face mix to ensure there is no air trapped under the surface, and move onto the back up mix with the fiber reinforcement in it. We typically apply this back up mix in three layers, ensuring that we brush and roll to avoid air bubbles and gaps in between layers. Finally we attach our frame to the GFRC skin, so that it looks like a solid concrete piece but is simple to install on-site. While the frame is being attached to the skin, we also take time to thicken the edges to make transitions seamless and to keep our product stronger and more structurally sound.

What are the benefits of GFRC?

GFRC has many benefits. Besides being naturally fire resistant as a concrete product, thanks to the Glass Fiber Reinforcement, GFRC can be cast in thinner sections and can therefore be up to 75% lighter than traditional concrete. It is also extremely strong, and is only made stronger still by the internal reinforcement, which allows for complex designs and shapes without sacrificing integrity. It can also mimic the look and feel of traditional stone elements without mimicking the cost, weight, or durability of stone. Our GFRC also has an amazing surface quality due to our face coating technique, eradicating the risk of surface imperfections or voids. For an incredibly tough and durable product that will last a lifetime, GFRC is the way to go.