Installation Instructions

Depending on the size and scope of your project, Architectural Mall offers installation services throughout the continental US. For smaller projects, it is more economical to hire a contractor in your local area. For the do it yourself-ers, Polyurethane is installed with simple wood working tools and most of the other products with masonry tools. Specific tools lists are available within the installation instructions.




Caulking Instructions

Architectural Mall, Inc. gives no warranties express or implied on any caulking materials but the following caulks work with our products based on experience. For Synthetic Stone installation (non-painted applications), BASF’s “MasterSeal NP 1 Sealant and TX 1” work well and the colors that BASF offers match up closely to several of our standard colors. MasterSeal is formerly Sonolastic. The difference between NP 1 and TX 1 is that TX 1 has some texture to it and resembles chinking. Chinking is also a good product to use as the texture matches up with our textured products: We give no recommendation on chinking products.

NP 1

TX 1

For fiberglass Column or paint-grade column installation and polyurethane balustrade installations, follow our installation instructions for caulking/adhesive advise.