Pole Wraps: Cherry, Maple, Oak, Paint-grade

We offer pole wraps in a variety of veneered wood species and in a paint-grade option. The product is segmented in half inch wide panels to replicate the classical fluting of architectural columns. It is important to know the circumference of the pole or lally column that you are trying to surround. Standard wraps come in 8′ lengths with extensions available for Oak and paintable MDF (we recommend a drink shelf to cover the seam of the extension). Extentions are available in 4′ lengths which would make the range of options from 1 to 12′ in height. For a standard 3″ to 3-1/2″ diameter pole, choose our 12″ wide products. Use 16″ width for 4″ diameter supports. Please Email or call us at 877-279-9993 for more information on ordering the correct sizes and products for your existing poles. If you intend to paint the product, choose our paintable MDF for a smooth surface that has no wood grain pattern.