Polyurethane Columns

  • Primed 2 layers; paint-finish required
  • Columns can come unassembled for easy installation around structural supports (Covers)
  • Pictured with Standard Base: Available Caps/Bases
  • Lightweight with density similar to white pine: NON-Structural Columns
  • FL: Fluted, SM: Smooth, PN: Paneled, Tap: Tapered, OD: Outside Diameter, ID: Inside Diameter

High Density Polyurethane is essentially a very hard foam that will feel like wood but is significantly better.  In every case, Architectural Mall’s polyurethane columns and porch posts are more durable than wood and do not require the continuous maintenance or rot repair that wood products demand.  Our polyurethane columns easily conceal existing unsightly support posts or pipes already in place: in fact, our Polyurethane line is a great choice for installation around existing supports because we can provide the shaft in two halves with an interlocking edge  that facilitates the rejoining process. All of this at no additional charge. Our polyurethane columns come in a variety of styles: smooth, fluted, paneled, straight, rope, tapered, round and boxed. Add one of our crowns or capitals and bases to further enhance the look. Every column comes primed with two layers of high quality primer and requires a paint finish.

Non-Tapered Round with Standard Base
Round Non-Tapered Plain Columns
 Smooth with Standard Base
PSC0608-SM*6″8′3 1/2″
PSC0610-SM*6″10′3 1/2″
PSC0612-SM*6″12′3 1/2″
PSC0808-SM8″8′5 1/2″
PSC0810-SM8″10′5 1/2″
PSC0812-SM8″12′5 1/2″
PSC1008-SM10″8′7 1/2″
PSC1010-SM10″10′7 1/2″

*Not exactly as shown

Fluted Round with Standard Base
Round Tapered Fluted Columns
 Fluted Shaft with Standard Base
PSC0808-FL8 1/8″8′5 1/8″
PSC0810-FL8 1/8″10′5 1/8″
PSC0812-FL8 1/8″12′5 1/8″
PSC1008-FL9 7/8″8′7 3/8″
PSC1010-FL9 7/8″10′7 3/8″
PSC1012-FL9 7/8″12′7 3/8″
PSC1208-FL11 7/8″8′9 3/8″
PSC1210-FL11 7/8″10′9 3/8″
PSC1212-FL11 7/8″12′9 3/8″
PSC1408-FL14 1/8″8′11 1/8″
PSC1410-FL14 1/8″10′11 1/8″
PSC1412-FL14 1/8″12′11 1/8″

*All of our Polyurethane Columns are available unnassembled. Rejoining strip (not pictured provided for reassembly.  

Tapered Round with Standard Base
Round Tapered Plain Columns
Smooth Tapered Shaft with Standard Base
Base ODHeightIDTop OD
PSC0804-TAP-SM7 5/8″4′4 5/8″7 1/16″
PSC0805-TAP-SM7 5/8″5′4 5/8″6 5/8″
PSC0808-TAP-SM7 5/8″8′4 5/8″6 5/8″
PSC0810-TAP-SM7 7/16″10′4 3/8″6 1/2″
PSC1008-TAP-SM9 5/8″8′6 5/8″8 1/2″
PSC1210-TAP-SM12″10′9″10 1/8″

Architecturally Correct – Entasis Style

Fluted Tapered with Standard Base
Round Tapered Fluted Columns
Fluted Tapered with Standard Base
Base ODHeightIDTop OD
PSC0808-TAP-FL7 1/8″8′4 1/4″6 1/2″
PSC0808-TAP-FL7 1/4″10′4 1/4″6 1/2″
PSC0808-TAP-FL7 3/8″12′4 1/4″6 1/2″
HDP Square Column


HDP Panel Column


HDP Fluted Column


Box Columns-Available in Smooth, Paneled or Fluted
Plinth BlockColumnCap
PBX0608-FL14″8″96″6″7 13/16″
PBX0608-SM14″8″96″6″7 13/16″
PBX0808-FL14″10″96″8″9 13/16″
PBX0808-SM14″10″96″8″9 13/16″
PBX0808-PN14″10″96″8″9 13/16″
PBX0809-FL14″10″108″8″9 13/16″
PBX1012-FL14″12″144″10″11 13/16″
PBX1012-PN14″12″144″10″11 13/16″
PBX1012-SM14″12″144″10″11 13/16″

PN:Paneled, FL:Fluted, SM:Smooth

A:Base Height, B:Base Width, C:Height, D: Middle Width, E: Cap Height