Polyurethane Newel Posts

Our Polyurethane Newel Posts are the perfect anchor for our railing system, strengthening the balustrade system while also completing the classic look of our design. Made in America using our own tooling and pouring methods, our Polyurethane Newel Posts are guaranteed to outlast wood and be better in virtually every application. Polyurethane is a very hard foam that mimics the feel of wood, but does not require the maintenance or rot repair that wood does. Our Newel posts come with 2 layers of primer, ready for your choice of paint to finish them. They are extremely lightweight, and can easily be split to cover any pipes or supports already in place. All of our options are available in accordance with the graphs below, which show our various dimensions. Our Polyurethane Newel Posts range from 7-1/2″ to 11-1/2″ in width, and up to 48″ in height. Please email or call us at 877-279-9993 with any questions.

Polyurethane Newel Post with Smooth Panels

Polyurethane Smooth Newel Posts
Part NumberDimensions
NP40087-1/2″ W x 40″ H
NP40098-1/2″ W x 40″ H
NP401211-1/2″ W x 40″ H
NP48087-1/2″ W x 48″ H
NP48098-1/2″ W x 48″ H
NP481211-1/2″ W x 48″ H

Polyurethane Newel Post with Raised Panels

Polyurethane Raised Panel Newel Posts Marked
Part NumberDimensions(A)(B)(C)
NP4008-P7-1/2″ W x 40″ H1-3/8″7-1/2″8″
NP4009-P8-1/2″ W x 40″ H1-3/8″7-1/2″8″
NP4012-P11-1/2″ W x 40″ H1-3/8″7-1/2″8″
NP4808-P7-1/2″ W x 48″ H1-3/8″7-7/8″11-7/8″
NP4809-P8-1/2″ W x 48″ H1-3/8″7-7/8″11-7/8″
NP4812-P11-1/2″ W x 48″ H1-3/8″7-7/8″11-7/8″