Porch Posts

Some Styles to Choose From

5” Colonial Porch Post

5” Colonial Porch Post Available in 8' or 9'

6” Colonial HD Porch Post

6” Colonial HD Porch Post available in 8' or 9'

5” Square Porch Post

5” Square Porch Post available in 8',9', and 10'

6” Chamfered Porch Post

6” Chamfered Porch Post available in 8'

Colonial Lamp Post

Colonial Lamp Post available in 8' or 9'

Chamferd Lamp Post

Chamferd Lamp Post available in 8'

Our Porch Posts are made using synthetic materials, which require little to no maintenance. We have hundreds of styles and shapes to choose from. Our Porch Posts arrive with all the hardware you will need to install them, as well as being pre-finished in a beautiful white color. Not only are our Porch Pillars ready to go out of the box, but they are also structural and load-bearing. These posts are an excellent way to finish your front or back porch with style that will last. Please email or call us at 877-279-9993 for pricing and style availability.

We also offer a full line of Lamp Posts to compliment our Porch Posts. They come in the same styles, however they have an opening to run electric conduit inside, which allows you to surface mount the lamp of your choice at the top.


Quick Facts

  • 25 Year Warranty
  • Loadbearing
  • Insect Proof
  • Pre-finished White
  • Ready to Install
  • Several Available Styles