Twist Rope Columns

Our Twist Rope Columns are available in several unique materials. Cast Fiberglass, Spray-Up FiberglassSynthetic Stone, and GFRC. If you can’t decide which material suites your project best we have a video outlining all of our Fiberglass product specifications, as well as all of our other materials. All of our options are available in accordance with the graphs below, which show our various dimensions. We also offer Downloadable AutoCAD files for all of our products. Our Columns range from 6″ to 16″ in diameters (nominal), and up to 15′ in height in a single piece. The spray-up (FRP) column covers as well as our GFRC column wraps are intended to cover a structural lally column or other structure and do not have load-bearing capabilities. Please email or call us at 877-279-9993 with any questions.


Fiberglass and Synthetic (Polymer) Stone Load Bearing Specifications

Round Non-Tapered Twist Rope Columns
Column Diameter Load (Max in LBS.)
6″ 8,000
8″ 10,000
10″ 14,000
12″ 18,000
14″ 20,000
16″ 20,000
18″ 20,000
20″ 20,000
22″ 20,000
24″ 20,000
28″ 20,000
30″ 20,000
36″ 20,000
42″ 20,000