Twist Rope Columns

We offer our Twist Rope (Spiral) Columns in two standard materials. Fiberglass, our most popular, and Synthetic Stone, our lightweight stronger than stone alternative. For those wanting a more custom, segmented look, our Twist Rope Columns are also available in GFRC, Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. All of our options are available in any of the sizes listed below, and with several custom options available to fit your needs. Our Synthetic Stone and GFRC columns are available in several textures and colors, and our Fiberglass columns are paint grade, allowing you to truly customize your columns to fit your home. Please note that our Twist Rope Columns are different from our other styles in that the capitals and bases add height. If they were to slide over the shaft like traditional columns it would create a very hard to seal installation, so we make them right to make it easier for you. All heights are based off Tuscan Caps and Bases, more height can be achieved if you decide to use a Decorative Capital and an Attic Base. Please email or call us at 877-279-9993 with any questions.


Twist Rope Synthetic (Polymer) Stone Column (Color may vary)

Twist Rope Fiberglass Column

Column DiameterTop & Bottom Shaft DiameterTotal Shaft LengthInside DiameterWall ThicknessLoad Bearing Capacity in LBS.Available Heights
(A) & (B)(C)(D)
6″5-7/8″6′ 7-3/4″3-1/2″2-3/8″8,000Up to 7′
8″7-3/4″8′ 2-3/4″5″2-3/4″10,000Up to 8′
10″9-1/2″14′ 6″7″2-1/2″14,000Up to 15′
12″11-3/4″10′ 10″9″2-3/4″18,000Up to 11′
16″16″9′ 10″13-3/4″2-1/4″20,000Up to 10′

Please note that this chart is for our Fiberglass and Synthetic (Polymer) Stone Columns, if you require specs for Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) columnsm, please email us or call us at 877-279-9993. Inside diameter is in reference only to the shaft, and does not account for the use of capitals and bases. The hole opening of Twist Rope columns is significantly reduced when using caps and bases, therefore if intending to surround a structural support, please contact us to insure that your column will fit as intended. We can also supply our columns without the brackets pictured below, if so requested. All heights listed include the height of a Tuscan Cap and Base. Feel free to contact us with any further questions or requests.

Capital Installation details, showing the imbedded brackets included as well as notching of caps and bases for ease of installation. Please note this is standard as a way of making the install process cheaper and easier for you, however we understand every situation varies and are able to remove these brackets and notches with no charge to you.